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GO Purdue!

GO (Global Outreach) Purdue! is an initiative of the Office of International Students and Scholars. GO Purdue! seeks to provide cultural, educational, service and social opportunities whereby international students will enhance their American educational experience and contribute to the globalization of Purdue and the greater community.

Opportunities abound with GO Purdue!

The opportunities are endless to make your stay at Purdue a positive and life-changing adventure.  Click here for a complete list of programs offered by the Office of International Students and Scholars.


PASSPORT is "The Purdue Association of Student Study Abroad Participants and Other Recent Travelers." Less formally, a group of students who have either returned from studying abroad, who are thinking of studying abroad, or who are actually studying abroad.

PASSPORT is a social group and as such, organizes activities to help students get to know other students from a diverse range of backgrounds, in a relaxed atmosphere.

For more information, please contact Michael Bittinger, (  PASSPORT Advisor.