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Purdue Summer Program in Florence

Program Location Florence, Italy
Sponsor Purdue
Program Type Purdue Administered
Course # SA 10104
Duration Summer
Upcoming Program Dates
To Be Announced
Current Program Dates
Summer 2016 05/20/16 to 07/03/16

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Application for Summer is not currently open.
Please check back closer to the term of your choice.


 All undergraduates on the WL campus accepted into this program who apply, will receive $2,000 in funding.

The Purdue Summer in Florence program enables students to complete six credits in six weeks. Study in this masterpiece of a city where Botticelli, Michelangelo, and da Vinci (to name just a few) made their mark.

Purdue teams with CAPA (Centers for Academic Programs Abroad) to administer the program. CAPA is an organization who's focus is international education and has study centers around the globe. Classes will take place at the CAPA center in Palazzo Galli-Tassi, a building dating back to the 15th century, and is located near the historic Basilica di Santa Croce.

This program includes an Intercultural Learning element. Your Program Coordinator will be actively involved in your experience to develop your Intercultural Knowledge & Effectiveness. A few, short, reflective writing assignments must be periodically submitted to Blackboard during the program.

Students will also have the opportunity to take part in an optional service project while in Florence.

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Tuesday, February 2nd at 4:30PM in University Hall, room 001


The Florence program is open to any undergraduate who has completed at least two semesters of university study.  Successful candidates will demonstrate academic success, maturity, independence, and the desire to experience a way of life that differs from their own.

GPA Requirement: 2.5 on a 4.0 scale
Language Requirement: none

Academic Program

There are no prerequisites for this program. Participants will enroll in two courses for a total of six credits.  It is highly recommended that students enroll in the Italian language course to help with cultural integration.  Purdue reserves the right to cancel any course with insufficient enrollment.

Courses for Summer 2016

A&D 490: Painters, Sculptors & Architects of the Italian Renaissance
- Adjunct Instructor
Taking the scope and contents of Giorgio Vasari’s "Lives of the Most Eminent Painters, Sculptors, and Architects" as inspiration, this course will introduce students to a broad range of works produced in and around Florence from c. 1250 – 1550. Often celebrated as the first modern art historian, Vasari introduced the genre of the encyclopedia of artistic biographies with his landmark 1550 publication, in which artists from Cimabue to Michelangelo are organized in a trajectory that reflected a constantly evolving approach to the human figure, the depiction of three-dimensional space, and the visualization of narrative that epitomized the art of Vasari’s own age.
This course will examine these qualitative concepts through close evaluation of the works of major Italian Renaissance artists, thoughtful analysis, and the joint consultation of contemporary texts and modern scholarship. To take full advantage of the opportunities available, most classes will be held in museums, churches, & piazzas. While we will look at the works in terms of their aesthetic and stylistic qualities, we will also pay special attention to issues of social, political & economic context, as well as to function, which was integral to artistic production of the period. As the works we will study are often still in their original physical settings, we will also have a unique opportunity to experience the works as their original viewers did and as their creators intended.

FLL 490: Contemporary Italian Society
- Adjunct Instructor
This course will provide an introduction to the cultures and civilization of Italy from a chronological and thematic perspective. The course is designed to increase students' knowledge of Italian life, customs, and society from an intercultural perspective. Therefore, the first part of the summer will cover the main cultural and historical developments in Italy from its formation to the present time. The second part will review current cultural, historical and political concerns such as religion, immigration, and the new economy under the euro. Site visits, guest lecturers, and activities will be integrated into class lectures allowing students to participate in debate about contemporary topics.

ITAL: Italian (101, 102, or 201)
- Adjunct Instructor
Language is the key to any culture! Two sections of Italian will be offered at the beginning & intermediate levels. ITAL 101 will definitely be offered. Demand will determine if 102 and/or 201 will be offered.
The objective of this course is to enable students to understand the principles of Italian pronunciation, intonation and rhythm, and to speak Italian in every-day situations. Role-plays, listening and reading-comprehension, games and short written productions will be the activities aimed at reinforcing the new structures presented in each unit of the book; the goal is to provide students with basic language abilities in order to navigate Florence and integrate into the city.

PSY 350: Abnormal Psychology
- Adjunct Instructor
Psychopathology is the science of abnormal behavior and psychological/psychiatric disorders. The purpose of this course is to introduce you to the science, etiology, symptoms, and course of psychopathology as well as to explore its treatment. Dynamics and treatment approaches discussed will be based on cognitive behavioral, psychodynamic, existential and integrative theories. The ultimate goal of the course is to enhance your understanding of yourself and others.
1. To provide you with an overview of the field of abnormal psychology and major psychological problems and disorders in and outside of official nomenclature;
2. To familiarize you with current conceptualizations of the causes of these disorders;
3. To expose you to intervention and prevention strategies for psychological disorders;
4. To instill in students an understanding and appreciation of research approaches in the study of psychological disorders.


Two day-trips are included.  The first is to the cities of San Gimignano and Siena. The second, includes visits to Lucca and Pisa, where students can view the cathedral, baptistry, and famous leaning campanile (bell tower).


Participants will be housed in apartments within a managable distance of the CAPA Center.  Most will be within walking distance, while some may chose to purchase a bus pass, or bicycle.  Each apartment is furnished, contains a fully-equipped kitchen, and two to four bedrooms. Students must prepare meals for themselves, or eat in nearby restaurants.

Estimated Program Costs

Students should carefully note what costs need to be paid to Purdue University or to a co-sponsor or agency, and what costs need to be paid at the overseas study location.  This will vary by program.

The program fee includes tuition for six credits, instruction, on-site support, housing, excursions, and arrival/departure receptions. Students should budget additional funds for meals, airfare and personal expenses. This is an estimate and subject to change.

Costs for this program are estimated and subject to change. The cost figures listed below are for: Summer 2016

Costs to be billed by Purdue
Program Fee$5,628.25
Study Abroad Fee$609.40
Purdue Study Abroad Scholarship [More Info]- $2000

Approximate additional costs
To be paid by the student.
Round-trip Airfare$1,400.00
Local Transportation$100.00
Books and Supplies$150.00
Miscellaneous Personal Expenses $250.00 -$1,000.00
Travel Documents (passport, photos)$175.00

Financial Aid

Purdue University financial aid may be applied to the costs of studying abroad. Students interested in receiving financial aid should

NOTE:  Recipients of certain tuition remission and scholarship programs should pay careful attention to the regulations for using those benefits for study abroad.  Ask your financial aid advisor about any limitations.

Click here for a list of scholarships and grants available to assist with the costs of studying overseas.

Application Deadlines

For full consideration, students must submit all supporting documents by the application deadline.  Popular programs fill quickly, often before the deadline.  To insure a place in a program, apply early.

As soon as a student submits an on-line application, a My Study Abroad account is created. Applicants should consult this page often to check on the status of the application.

All accepted students are required to attend a meeting on Friday, March 4th at 4:30PM in KRAN G-10.   

Program Application Deadline
Most Summer Programs Mar 1

Returnees Information

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