Emergency Contact

In the event of severe illness or injury to a Purdue student(s), or if a Purdue student is the victim of a crime, on-site staff should be contacted immediately.  After the immediate needs of the student have been met, telephone the Study Abroad Office at +765 494 2383 during weekday business hours (eastern time zone) to report the problem or incident.  If it is felt that a Purdue official should be contacted outside of weekday business hours, telephone the Purdue Police Department at +765 494 8221, who will get a message to the appropriate Purdue official right away.  Click here for further information related to safety and security.

NOTE TO CURRENT INTERNATIONAL EXCHANGE STUDENTS (and their parents and their home universities): Because campus safety and student well-being are our highest priorities, we are saddened to learn of the shooting incident today (January 21, 2014).  At the time of this writing, the campus-wide alert has been lifted and the situation is under control.  Unofficial reports are that one person (i.e. not an exchange student) was killed and we express all sympathy to their family and friends.  Other information may be available on the Purdue website.http://www.purdue.edu/emergency/          - -  Submitted by Brian Harley, Associate Dean of International Programs  (January 21, 2014)