Study Abroad Office Directory

The Study Abroad Office is located in Room 105 of Young Hall, South of the Krannert building. Office hours are 8-5 Monday - Friday. Call to schedule an appointment or stop in to use the resource room and browse through materials about study destinations.

Mailing Address:

Young Hall, Room 105
155 S. Grant Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2114

Telephone: (765) 494-2383
Fax: (765) 496-1989

Study Abroad Staff (765)
Associate Dean of International Programs and Director of Study Abroad Brian Harley 494-2383
Administrative Assistant to the Director Mary Hollingsworth 494-2370
Assistant Director Michael Bittinger 494-0646
Associate Director Glenda Caudill 494-2383
Associate Director Laura Pike 494-4994
Departmental Program Coordinator Meghan Smith 496-0098
Departmental Program Manager Paula Memmer 494-3894
Graduate Student Advisor Katherine Dou 494-8614
Program Assistant for Glenda Caudill Kaia Johnson 494-2251
Program Assistant to Laura Pike M Cadwallader 494-6064
Secretary Michele Bassett 494-2383
Secretary Kimberly Whalen 494-2383
Study Abroad Advisor Chelsey Mullins 494-7218
Study Abroad Advisor Alaina Orchard 494-4892
Study Abroad Advisor April Robillos 494-2383
Study Abroad Advisor Mr. Addison Sheldon 494-9866

Study Abroad Resource Room
The Study Abroad Office contains detailed information about all of the study abroad programs offered by Purdue University. Program evaluations written by past participants are available. Videos from many program locations are available for viewing in the office as well. Study abroad advisors are available to discuss program options. In addition to information on our study abroad programs, the Study Abroad Resource Room contains useful information on travel, work abroad, international careers, international internships, and scholarships and financial aid for study abroad. Reference materials on non-Purdue study abroad programs are also available.

Study Abroad Offices and Programs

Honors College
General Information: 494-4161
Location: BRNG 2216H
Clincal Associate Professor: Natasha Duncan
International Programs in Agriculture (IPIA)
General Information: (765) 494-6876
Fax: (765) 494-9613
Location: AGAD B26
Study Abroad Manager: Adrienne Albrecht
College of Education International Programs
General Information: 494-2372
Location: BRNG 4174
Associate Professor: Kathy Obenchain
College of Engineering Global Engineering Program
General Information: 765-494-5733
Location: WANG 4th Floor
Associate Dean of GEP: Arvind Raman
International Programs in Health and Human Sciences
General Information: (765) 494-8215
Location: STON 110
Director: Liping Cai
College of Liberal Arts International Programs
General Information: 494-9695
Location: BRNG 1114
Assoc. Dean, International Programs: Joel Ebarb
Krannert School of Management Global Programs for Undergraduates
General Information: 765-494-9535
Location: KRAN 354
Associate Director Global Programs for Undergraduates: Maria Gabriele
Krannert School of Management Global Programs for Graduates
General Information: 765-496-6922
Location: KRAN 243
Associate Director: John Lewandowski
College of Pharmacy
General Information: 613-2315
Location: RHPH 271
Clinical Associate Professor: Ellen Schellhase
International Programs in Science
General Information: 494-1771
Location: MATH 231
Special Assistant for Undergraduate Education: Laura Starr
Purdue Polytechnic Institute
General Information: 496-2297
Location: KNOY 180
Associate Dean for Globalization and Engagement: Robert Cox
International Programs in Veterinary Medicine
General Information: 496-2930
Location: LYNN G130
Director: Will Smith
International Students and Scholars
General Information: 494-5770
Location: SCHL 136
Director, International Student Services: Christine Collins
Office of the Dean of International Programs
General Information: (765) 494-9399
Fax: (765) 496-1989
Location: YONG 120
Dean of International Programs and Director of CILMAR: Michael Brzezinski
Programs for Study Abroad
General Information: (765) 494-2383
Fax: (765) 496-1989
Location: YONG 105
Associate Dean of International Programs and Director of Study Abroad: Brian Harley