Semester Abroad Intercultural Leadership (SAIL) Scholarship

This scholarship offers $1000 to any student who wants to supercharge their ability to articulate the benefits of studying abroad to an employer while also gaining a better understanding of leadership and teamwork in cross-cultural contexts. To receive this scholarship, you must successfully complete one of the program options approved by Purdue’s Center for Intercultural Learning, Mentorship and Research (CILMAR) during your semester abroad (see options below).

Note: You must successfully complete the intercultural leadership training to earn the scholarship. The $1000 scholarship is awarded as a tuition credit in the semester following your study abroad program. There is no additional charge for any of the options below.


  • Must be Purdue West Lafayette undergraduate degree-seeking student (of any nationality; no FAFSA required);
  • Must be participating in a credit-bearing approved study abroad program through Purdue University;
  • Must have at least one semester of classes to complete after you return from study abroad;
  • Must enroll in and successfully complete one of the following during your semester abroad:
  • Must be available to begin mentoring course approximately two weeks prior to departure in person (preferable) or online.

One credit will be awarded for completion in the following manner:

  • ENGR 397 – GEARE students
  • SCI 395 – Global Science Experience
  • COM 30301 - The Sentio Global Competence Certificate program is an online group-mentored certificate program offered through a partnership with CILMAR. Most applicants will be placed in this program.

Option for students participating in a co-sponsored program: 

Students taking part in a co-sponsored program listed below are expected to choose this option if available. Students must verify the availability of each course in their selected locations for their specific term with that Study Abroad Organization and follow that process including relevant payment and registration.

  1. CIEE – COMM 3301 Intercultural Communication & Leadership (3 credits)
  2. DIS – Cross-Cultural Communication (3 credits)
  3. IES – IR/IB 393 Leading Across Cultures (3 credits) or IC 215 Intercultural Communication (3 credits
  4. IFSA-Butler – Exploring Community & Culture in a Global Context (on-line course; 3 credits) or Exploring Chile: Community & Culture (3 credits)
  5. U of Minnesota – Global Identity course (on-line; 1 credit)

Application process:

Before you can apply for the SAIL scholarship you must first apply to an approved semester or academic year program on the Purdue Study Abroad web site. When your academic information has been downloaded to your My Study Abroad page, you’ll be able to access the SAIL scholarship application via a green box at the top.

You will need to complete the SAIL scholarship application by selecting the criteria that applies to your study abroad program and academic requirements. If you are applying to a co-sponsored program, you will need to verify course availability prior to submitting the SAIL scholarship application.

You do not need to have been accepted into your study abroad program to apply for the SAIL scholarship.

Remember your SAIL scholarship is awarded in the semester after you return from studying abroad and only if you complete the distance learning course or certification program!


  • Fall Semester / Academic Year Programs:  April 1
  • Spring Semester Programs:  Extended to October 30

Note: This deadline pertains only to participation in this scholarship program; deadlines for course registration, study abroad applications, or applications for other forms of financial aid may differ.

Questions regarding the SAIL Scholarship should be directed to Dan Jones, Intercultural Learning Specialist,  



Scholarship Type: Study Abroad Office Based Scholarships