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Purdue in Paris Summer Program

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Program Type Departmental
Program Location Paris, France
Course # SA 10325
Duration Summer
Upcoming Program Dates
To Be Announced
Past Dates
Summer 2017 05/14/17 to 06/23/17

France Map

Program Leader

Name Nadege Veldwachter

Enrollment Details: Enrollment Currently Closed

Program Description


  • 6 weeks of courses in Paris: May 14-June 23, 2017.
  • 6 credit hours = combination of two courses depending on student’s level
  • Courses offered: FR 301; FR 302; FR 380 “French Culture and Mass Media.”
  • Possible course combinations: FR 301 + FR 380 OR FR 302 + FR 380
  • FR 301; FR 302 and FR 380 will satisfy requirements for Major or Minor in French
  • Classes taught in French.
  • Open to Undergraduates with 2.0 GPA.

Accommodations, meals and transportation

  • Dormitory: La ‘Cité Internationale Universitaire’ campus dormitories.
  • Single and double rooms available. No meals provided. Kitchens available. Supplemental cost for single room option.
  • Homestay: single occupancy room. Some meals provided + Limited access to kitchen. Supplemental cost.
  • Day excursions + boat ride included in total cost.

Cultural activities:

  • 4 guided visits in Paris.
  • 2 one-day excursions to the cities of Lyon and Strasbourg.
  • French dinners, concerts, Ciné-Club, opera performance (TBA).
  • Boat ride on the Seine river.

Purdue in Paris 2016 students’ testimonies:

Jordin Hajek When notified of the “Purdue in Paris” program back in the fall of 2015, I remember ignoring the opportunity altogether. For one, I had never traveled outside the US, let alone to another continent. Secondly, as an introvert, the idea of having to make conversation, in English or French, and make friends for 6 long weeks seemed overwhelming. Then, logistically, I wondered how such a program could even serve me as a civil engineering student. Yet, at the urging of friends and family, I accepted. Fast-forward a few months and, with one week into the program, sitting underneath the awning of a crowded French café at 10 pm on a rainy night, surrounded by 10 new friends having dinner, I realized that this was meant to be. Having the opportunity to visit some of the greatest wonders of the world, from the Louvre to the Eiffel Tower to famous French chateaux was a surreal experience, for sure. However, having the city unfold into both my classroom and my “home” was even more magical. Getting weekly tours of the city with a Sorbonne history professor, rushing to catch the Métro every morning for class, planning weekend adventures with friends, and sipping espresso at my local café...these are the memories I love and get to share stateside with the 10 lifelong friends I made those 6 short weeks. For an untraveled, introverted engineering student, I must say that coming to truly understand the sentiment of joie de vivre, in a foreign country, was just as important to my education as the endless chemistry, calculus, and physics back home.

Sheyenne Fishero: Falling in love with a city takes only one meal, one great view, and one interesting story. The meal that stole my heart in Paris was a simple quiche, made from scratch that morning and easily paired with a flaky and buttery croissant on my way to class. Much to the dismay of my childhood fantasies, my favorite view of Paris was not from the top of the Eiffel Tower but instead on the steps of a great cathedral. As I stood atop a hill overlooking the entire city, the views I saw from the Sacré-Coeur were beyond my wildest imaginations. I was high above the classic white buildings and grand boulevards of Paris in the company of live music, friends, and a beautiful sunset, breathtakingly watching the world around me change in a kaleidoscope of colors from bright afternoon to dusk. Finally, the story that still to this day makes my heart ache to be back on the streets of Paris was a simple chat with a café waiter. The richness of the French language rolled off my tongue effortlessly for the first time in my life, and I found myself truly communicating with a complete stranger in a language that was foreign to me just a few years ago. These small experiences and hundreds more during my six weeks in Paris changed my life immensely and unexpectedly. I was forced to grow, to adapt, and to leave my comfort zone, but I was also given the opportunity of a new perspective, something I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Academic Credit

  • 6 weeks of courses in Paris May 15-June 23, 2017.
  • 6 credit hours = combination of two courses depending on student’s level
  • Courses offered: FR 301; FR 302; FR 380: French Culture and Mass Media.
  • Possible course combinations: FR 301 + FR 380 OR FR 302 + FR 380
  • FR 301; FR 302 and FR 380 will satisfy requirements for Major or Minor in French
  • Classes taught in French.


Open to Undergraduates with 2.0 GPA.

FR 202 (French Level IV)

Program Cost


  • Purdue total cost: $ 5,180.40 (International Insurance, Study Abroad Fee, Program Fee included).
  • After Purdue Moves Study Abroad Scholarship: $3,180.40 (Students are limited to one scholarship for the duration of their studies at Purdue).
  • Department of French Scholarship for majors and minors: $500 - $1000. Program cost can be as low as: $2,180.40.
  • Additional costs: Food (about 25$/day), Airfare (about 1,100.00$), Passport, Books (about 50$), City public transportation (about 110$/duration of program); Personal expenses.

Sources of funding:

    Study Abroad Scholarships:


    Department of French Scholarship:


Application Deadline

Deposit Check:

  • A $500.00 non-refundable deposit check* will have to be dropped off in SC 292 by December 9th along with completed and signed Participation/Cancellation Form. Please read form carefully. Make check payable to Bursar’s Office Purdue University.
  • * Deposit refunded if program is cancelled.

Country map courtesy of The General Libraries, The University of Texas at Austin