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Morocco Study Abroad

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Program Type Departmental
Program Location Ifrane, Morocco
Course # SA 10332
Duration Summer
Upcoming Program Dates
Summer 2018 05/28/18 to 07/26/18
Summer 2018 05/28/18 to 06/28/18

Program Leader

Name Ahmed Idrissi Alami

Program Description

 Morocco Study Abroad Summer 2018

 Study in exotic Morocco and earn credits (6 to 12) in Arabic Language and Arab & North African Studies in a safe and academically rich and inspiring environment while undertaking interdisciplinary experiential learning (IDIS 490) in a variety of projects tailored to your major, You will also experience cultural and linguistic immersion through homestays, field trips, visits to important cities and historical monuments and organized activities in the afternoon such as lectures, film screenings and evening discussions.

The Morocco Study Abroad Summer 2018 is hosted in one of the most prestigious universities in North Africa.

-rich, and safe environment for learning and cultural immersion.

Classes available in Arabic and in English.

Flexible Options: May 28-June 28/ June 1- July 17 / May 28-July 27

Variable course combinations: Arabic language only/Arabic language and culture/ Culture course only!

 Please contact program leader ( for more information.

Academic Credit

3 to 6 credits of Arabic language (ARAB 101 through ARAB 302)

3 credits IDIS 490 Interdisciplinary Experiential Learning

3 credits North African Literature and Culture

 These courses would also enable students to fulfil the requirements for Arabic Minor and Islamic Studies Minor at Purdue.

Check our Arabic Minor at Purdue here:

Please contact program leader for more information.


Students affiliated with Purdue or interested in studying Arabic and Arab culture, Political Sciences, Middle Eastern Studies,  Anthropology, Sociology, History...

Please contact program leader for more information.

Program Cost

Costs vary by track, but are approx. from $4500 to $6500.

Students participating in 4 week track are eligible to apply for $1000 from Purdue.

Students participating in 6 week or more tracks are eligible to apply for $2000 from Purdue.

Costs cover: program course fees, materials, study abroad fee, basic health insurance, room in shared apartment, cash wallet for meals, weekend excursions and trips, weekend homestays, clubs.

Additional costs: airfare (student prices available), airport transportation, eventual additional local and in-country transportation, remaining meals, additional health insurance, travel documents (passport and photos), additional at-cost optional excursions and activities, personal expenses.

Scholarships: Purdue Study Abroad Scholarships available.

Please contact program leader ( for more information.

Application Deadline

January 29, 2018.

Sign up online and pay deposit of $500 to program leader by January 29, 2018

UPON enrollment/application $500 non-refundable . Bring receiptto program leader in SC260. Deposit will be deducted from your program fee upon billing. NOTE: please do NOT click on "Click here to enroll in this program" unless you wish to ENROLL or APPLY for this program. Enrolling implies "deposit due upon enrollment."

Please contact program leader for more information.

Country map courtesy of The General Libraries, The University of Texas at Austin