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Cultural Explorations in Spain

The arrangements for the travel, housing, meals, excursions and course content of this program have been made by the leader. Questions about this program can only be answered by the program leader listed below.

Program Type Departmental
Program Location Madrid, Segovia, Toledo, Spain
Course # SA 10209
Duration Spring Break
Upcoming Program Dates
To Be Announced
Past Dates
Spring Break 2018 03/10/18 to 03/18/18

Program Leader

Name Howard Adler

Enrollment Details: Enrollment Currently Closed

Program Description

The group will take a bus to Chicago O"Hare airport on Saturday morning March 19th and arrive in Madrid early on Sunday March 11th.   We will start by going on a tour of the famous LaRasta Sunday Market and a walk around central Madrid. 

On Monday we will take a full tour of the city of Madrid and visit sites such as the famous Prado Museum and the Royal Palace.    During the next week we will spend one full day in the famous city of Toledo which is known as a city where the Christians and Jews and Muslims lived in peace.  It is famous for its silver and beautiful artists.  We will also spend one day in the city of Segovia which is most famous for its 2000 year old Roman Aqueduct.  

 Back in Madrid we will also spend part of one day at the headquarters of the WTO--World Tourism Organization and learn more about the impact of tourism on places like Madrid. There are additional activities planned but the schedule will change as we get closer to the actual date of the trip.

On Sunday morning March 18th we catch a bus back to the airport for the flight back to Chicago and then a bus back to campus.

Included in the trip is  roundtrip airfare and hotels and tours and some meals.  Normally we stay in hotels with breakfast included.

 The approximate cost of the trip at this time is  $3750.

For further information please contact   Dr. Howard Adler     



Academic Credit

The course is entitled Cultural Explorations in Spain and is 3 credit hours. Normally speaking it will transfer for a humanities course or for HTM students it can be an HTM selective.


Open to all Purdue students

Program Cost

$3750 and includes transportation to Chicago Ohare for the flight and back to campus.

Includes roundtrip air and all hotels and tours and some meals.

Application Deadline

The program will fill very fast. If you are interested in knowing the date of the first callout please contact me at

Thank you

Country map courtesy of The General Libraries, The University of Texas at Austin