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A Multicultural Experience - Trieste Summer Abroad

Program Details

The arrangements for the travel, housing, meals, excursions and course content of this program have been made by the leader. Questions about this program can only be answered by the program leader listed below.

Program Type Departmental
Program Location Trieste, Italy
Course # SA 10340
Duration Summer
Upcoming Program Dates
To Be Announced
Past Dates
Summer 2024 06/08/24 to 07/07/24

Program Leader

Name Annalisa Mosca
Email mosca@purdue.edu
Please Note: Programs may be altered or adapted with little notice

Enrollment Details: Enrollment Currently Closed

Program Description

Please do NOT CLICK on "Enroll in this program" unless you wish to ENROLL or APPLY for this program. Enrolling in this program implies participatory committment, including financial as per Purdue regulations on deposits and payments. Instead, for updates and information subscribe to our mailing list (triestesummerabroadmailinglistnew@groups.purdue.edu)

Note that participation form and deposit receipt are due upon enrollment/application. Deposit will be deducted from your program fee upon billing. Acceptance on a rolling basis but you cannot be accepted until these items are uploaded to your application page. For any questions email the program leader.

Very trendy city and region! Did you know that that Trieste is the n. 1 in the top 10 of unkown tourist destinations in the world?  Did you know that Trieste has been named Italy's City of Science? Did you know that James Joyce wrote part of Ulysses and Finnegan's Wake in Trieste? Did you know that Ernest Hemingway's novels are based in these surroundings? Did you know that neighboring Gorizia has been named European Capital of Culture for 2025?

This program, is open to any Purdue student who wishes to study Italian culture and Italian language (no language prerequisite - beginners welcome) for the summer in northern Italy. It is ideal for -but not limited to- those students who might be interested in pursuing a minor in Italian or a major in Italian studies. Any student who longs for a less ordinary but still well connected and "close to everything" location in Italy is welcome to participate in the program. History students should also consider this program as the area is very rich in mittel-european history and culture of all periods: from the Roman Empire, the Middle Ages, the austro-hungarian empire, the Longobards, through the Renaissance, World War I and World War II. English and comparative literature students should consider this program as they can not only benefit from this historical climate but also visit the places that inspired Joyce, Hemingway, Rilke, Pasolini and others. For anthropology students there are the roman ruins of Aquileia. Finally, art or artistic students will also find the area rich for their field art. Science students will have the opportunity to visit Italy's City of Science major area research parks as tourists and possibility make future connections for seminars. HTM students can also benefit from the area's offerings for industry, tourism and food culture.

Program Video (note that SA video is a few years old. Content and general informaion is still accurate)

Academic Credit

Students will receive 6 credits:
- 3 credits for the appropriate corresponding language course level (ITAL 101 through ITAL 302). Held in Italian.
- 3 credits for ITAL 280 Italian Culture and Civilization. Held in English.

All courses fulfill the Humanities and CLA University Core requirements established by Purdue. Possibility of credits for the Italian minor and major if eligible; inquire with program leader for eligibility. Graduate students inquire with the program leader.


Any interested Purdue student from any discipline (including CLA, Egineering, GEARE) who needs to fulfill Core Requirements or language requirements. Ideal for Italian students, Italian minors, or Italian Studies majors, DegreePlus students. Also excellent for students who have interests related to the Science, History, English, Anthropology, Art History, HTM, GEARE (see program description).

International students at Purdue are also eligible. Please check on the Italian consulate website whether you will need a Visa as soon as you apply to the program. If you need a Visa, begin upon acceptance to the program to complete paperwork and to gather all documents (acceptance to the program on a rolling basis). Make an appointment with the Detroit or Chicago consulate as soon as possible! Do not wait until after the semester; do wait until you have all necessary documents. External students are also welcome but will first need to fill out a non-degree student application in addition to the regular program application.


Program Cost

Students pursuing program participation accept financial responsibility. Purdue will take measures to mitigate financial risks, although will not be liable for loss.

Costs for this program are estimated and subject to change. The cost figures listed below are for: Summer 2022.

DEPOSIT payment receipt of $500 non-refundable* AND participation are DUE UPON enrollment/application. Deposit will be deducted from your program fee upon billing. *see Purdue statement above and guidelines.

Program fee: approximately $5,500** (extremely affordable deal) before any scholarships! Deposit amount included in this fee.

Included: program course fees, materials, study abroad fee, basic health insurance, room in shared apartment, 2-4 weekly group meals, 1 day-long excursion, 1 weekend excursion, unlimited daily in-town cultural activities; unlimited in-town bus tickets; other snacks and perks.

Additional costs: airfare (student prices available), airport transportation, eventual additional local and in-country transportation, remaining meals or groceries, additional health insurance, travel documents (passport, photos, etc.), additional at-cost optional excursions and activities, personal expenses. NOTE: as of 2024, Europe will require a travel authorization document for all tourists, students and visitors called "ETIAS" plese look on the official EU website linked here for updates and application.

Scholarships: Purdue Study Abroad Scholarships as well as departmental scholarships available.

**subject to change slightly until yearly program deadline

Application Deadline

Application deadline: March 1, 2022. Acceptance guaranteed to this program on a rolling basis as soon as application, AND deposit receipt plus participation form are uploaded to application page.

DEPOSIT DEADLINE: upon enrollment/application $500 non-refundable.* Upload receipt to application page as per Purdue Study Abroad guidelines. Deposit will be deducted from your program fee upon billing. NOTE: please do NOT click on "Click here to enroll in this program" unless you wish to ENROLL/APPLY for this program. Enrolling implies headcount and financial committment and "deposit due upon enrollment" as clearly stated above and throughout the description. *see Purdue guidelines.

PARTICIPATION FORM DEADLINE: UPON enrollment/application. Fill out and upload to application page as per Purdue Study Abroad guidelines.

Please note deadlines for scholarships may be earlier. If interested in study abroad scholarships or departmental scholarships, please apply to program arlier and as soon as possible. Do not wait for scholarship to be awarded to apply for the program.

Financial Aid

Purdue University financial aid may be applied to the costs of studying abroad. Students interested in receiving financial aid should

NOTE:  Recipients of certain tuition remission and scholarship programs should pay careful attention to the regulations for using those benefits for study abroad.  Ask your financial aid advisor about any limitations.

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