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Engineering the Guitar from the U.S. to Colombia

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Program Type Departmental
Program Location Medellin, Colombia
Course # SA 10927
Duration Summer
Upcoming Program Dates
Summer 2018 05/19/18 to 06/02/18

Program Leader

Name Jose Garcia-Bravo

Enrollment Details: Enrollment Currently Closed

Program Description
This is a 3 credit hour course to be used as an elective or technical elective course for students in technology, engineering science programs and fine arts. The course will be a collaborative experience with students from Universidad Nacional-Medellín in Medellín, Colombia. This course is a new approach to the previously offered guitar workshop taught during the summer at Purdue in West Lafayette. Purdue students and faculty will live in Medellin for two weeks and will have an opportunity to experience the rich cultural environment of the Andean region. Students will work together to build a guitar while learning the engineering behind the process. Students will also explore Colombia’s culture and will use their impression of the Antioquia region to decorate and create their guitars. Specifically, the Purdue students will work closely with local students from Medellin who will also be enrolled in the course. This will enrich the cultural experience of both the Purdue and Medellin students and will serve as a practical method to contrast and affect both sides of the cultural perceptions. This course will not only include the manufacturing aspects of making a guitar and the engineering and science of the electric guitar, but will also reflect on the art, culture and environment while building the instrument. Students will be encouraged to investigate materials and tools available locally and use those to create and decorate their musical instruments. The course will take place in the city of Medellín, at the Escuela de Minas in Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Sede Medellin, a public institution with near 20,000 students in year-long near perfect spring weather conditions. The length of program and anticipated number of credit hours is 3 for 2 weeks. The course dates are May 21st to June 3rd, 2017. The course is anticipated to enroll 12 undergraduate students from Purdue and 12 students from Medellin and is open to School of Technology students, Engineering Students and Fine Arts Students.

Country map courtesy of The General Libraries, The University of Texas at Austin