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Purdue Polytechnic's Central European Multinational Automobile Organization Supply Chain Experience

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Program Type Departmental
Program Location Czech Republic, Netherlands, , Germany
Course # SA 10911
Duration Summer
Upcoming Program Dates
Summer 2018 05/11/18 to 05/26/18

Program Leader

Name Jim Tanoos

Enrollment Details: Enrollment Currently Closed
Applications for this program have been closed.

Program Description

The application process for this Study Abroad is now closed.  Feel free to email me (Jim) for information related to the 2019 version of the trip at



The 2018 trip is scheduled for May 11-May 26.  

The 2018 trip will be the same as the 2017 version.  If you'd like to go through our activities in each of the four cities, go here to check it out (click on the name of the city for the full 2017 city report/rundown):

See the official flyer for summary information.

In this Study-Abroad option for fulfilling the Globalization Experience Requirement, Purdue University Polytechnic students will participate in a multifaceted Central European Multinational Automobile Organization Supply Chain Experience. Students will tour the BMW factory in Munich, Germany; the Volkswagen facility in Prague, Czech Republic; the second-largest European port in Hamburg, Germany; and the largest European port in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

The four cities selected for this trip were chosen as venues because of their proximity, influence, and linkage to the most successful automobile production region of Europe. In order of visit, they are:

  • Munich, Germany
  • Prague, Czech Republic
  • Hamburg, Germany
  • Rotterdam, Netherlands

These cities all have rich histories of industrial competitiveness in the international marketplace, and their economies are thriving in large part due to the impact of their automobile supply chains. 

The Purdue Polytechnic’s transformation of the undergraduate learning experience includes the “integration of topics and team teaching in the humanities that “enrich our students’ understanding of historical, contemporary and future technology in society” and the “integration of topics and team teaching in the humanities and other disciplines that foster critical thinking and logic”. In fulfillment of these worthy aims, students will also participate in tours and excursions in these cities based on the two themes of Cultural Excursions/Immersions and the History of Capitalism/Trade.

Please contact Dr. James Tanoos (, or 317-989-7726) for more information.

Academic Credit

This Study Abroad is 3 credit hours (per the Office of Globalization) and will count as TLI 499, which substitutes for upper-level electives in the Purdue Polytechnic.  It will also serve as a direct substitute for TECH 330, TLI 356, or TLI 442.


Students must be in good standing in the Purdue Polytechnic system. 

A student that is scheduled to graduate in May can still enroll.  You can go through the ceremony and receive your diploma, and it will be contingent on completing the 3 credit hours associated with the trip.  Several students did this in 2017.

Program Cost

I've earned over $20,000 in grants for the 2018 trip, which is utilized to keep costs low for students.

The program will cost approximately $3,200, which includes airfare, trains, hotels, one dinner per day, tours/excursions, and any other transportation. There is an additional fee of about $1,150 for the 3 credit hours and mandatory Study Abroad fee for a total tuition of approx. $4,350 (typical summer financial aid covers it all- go here to sign up for summer fin. aid  The GI Bill also covers it all).  The Purdue moves scholarship is not eligible for this trip.

Students need to be responsible for buying their own lunches and any additional entertainment.


Application Deadline

The enrollment process will remain open for a few weeks. Applications will be judged on a variety of factors but you must enroll before the roster cap is set in order to be eligible.

Call/text or email me (Jim) with any questions: 317-989-7726 and/or

Country map courtesy of The General Libraries, The University of Texas at Austin