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Physical and Virtual Architecture

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Program Type Departmental
Program Location Italy and Spain, Multiple Countries (Italy, Spain)
Course # SA 10919 or
SA 59000
Duration Summer
Upcoming Program Dates
Summer 2018 05/23/18 to 06/06/18

Program Leader

Name Sarah George

Enrollment Details: Enrollment Currently Closed

Program Description

Prepare to become a successful virtual architect!

Prepare to work in a variety of fields that involve the creation of virtual worlds!

This course will introduce students to a variety of European cities and architectural styles:

  • Catalan Gothic and Modernism architecture in Barcelona, Spain.
  • Renaissance and Gothic architecture in Florence, Italy.
  • Classic Roman and Baroque architecture in Rome, Italy.

Students will learn the history and experience the culture of the targeted architectural time periods.

Students will learn the architectural design and construction principles of each targeted architectural style. 

Students will apply this knowledge to their own 3D designs. 


Academic Credit

3 Credit Hours


Physical and Virtual Architecture Study Abroad is a interdisciplinary study abroad program. This is open to both undergraduate (300 level course) and graduate level students (400 level course).

Program Cost

The travel estimate for this multi-country program is approximately $3,700.00. This program is eligible for the $1,000 Purdue Moves Travel Grant for West Lafayette students.

Application Deadline

March 2nd, 2018

Country map courtesy of The General Libraries, The University of Texas at Austin