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Biological Engineering Labs Abroad

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Program Type Departmental
Program Location Freising, Germany
Course # SA 10527
Duration Summer
Upcoming Program Dates
Summer 2018 05/06/18 to 06/02/18

Program Leader

Name Abigail Engelberth
Phone765 49-41009

Program Description

An intensive laboratory work experience in biological engineering unit operations.  Experiments developed and directed by Engineering faculty from the Technical University of Munich with Purdue University.  Students perform experiments in teams, write and present laboratory findings. 

Cultural excursions in Freising, Munich, and Berlin

Preliminary Itinerary:

Week Day of Week Date Action Item
1 Sunday 5/6/2018 Depart USA
Monday 5/7/2018 Arrive in Munich, 3-6 Orientation and Group Dinner
Tuesday 5/8/2018 Class at University - Introduction to Experiments 1 & 2
Wednesday 5/9/2018 Experiment 1
Thursday 5/10/2018 Experiment 2 - Evening Event in Beer Garden
Friday 5/11/2018 Open Writing/Tour of Brewery on Campus
Saturday 5/12/2018 Cultural Excursion to Munich
2 Sunday 5/13/2018 Open Day
Monday 5/14/2018 Class at University - Introduction to Experiments 3 & 4 - First draft of Experiment 1 Due
Tuesday 5/15/2018 Discuss Drafts/ Experiment 3
Wednesday 5/16/2018 Open Writing day
Thursday 5/17/2018 Report Due - Experiment 1/Experiment 4
Friday 5/18/2018 Open Writing Day
Saturday 5/19/2018 Weekend trip to somewhere fun in Germany
3 Sunday 5/20/2018 Weekend trip to somewhere fun in Germany
Monday 5/21/2018 Report 1 Returned - Introduction to Experiments 5 & 6
Tuesday 5/22/2018 Open Writing Day
Wednesday 5/23/2018 Experiment 5- Report Due - Experiment 2
Thursday 5/24/2018 Experiment 6
Friday 5/25/2018 Open Writing/Tour of Local BioProcessing Facility
Saturday 5/26/2018 Free Weekend
4 Sunday 5/27/2018 Free Weekend
Monday 5/28/2018 Experiment 2 Report Returned - Open Writing Day
Tuesday 5/29/2018 Report Due - Experiments 3 & 4
Wednesday 5/30/2018 Open Writing Day
Thursday 5/31/2018 Open Writing Day / Experiments 3&4 Reports Returned
Friday 6/1/2018 Report Due - Experiments 5 & 6
Saturday 6/2/2018 Head back to USA

Academic Credit

3 Credits in ABE 304

Course work Monday - Friday

Lectures and labs in English

Program Cost

Estimated cost is $3500 ($2500 with Purdue Moves Scholarship)

Includes: tuition, room, course materials, tours

Does not include: airfare or meals


Country map courtesy of The General Libraries, The University of Texas at Austin