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Belfast Titanic Diagnostic Experience

Program Details

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Program Type Departmental
Program Location Belfast, Ireland
Course # SA 10709
Duration Spring Break
Upcoming Program Dates
Spring Break 2024 03/10/24 to 03/16/24

Program Leader

Name Greyson Smith
Email smith243@purdue.edu
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Enrollment Details: Enrollment Currently Closed

Program Description

When we hear the word, Titanic, we think epic disaster.  It took just 37 seconds to change the meaning of Titanic from World Class to Epic Disaster. 
In the Belfast Titanic Diagnostic Experience, you will deep dive on the 10 decision-making risks every organization and project should assess to avoid their looming icebergs. Learn how companies and organizations can better manage their risks by studying the historic 1912 voyage of the RMS Titanic.  

The Titanic was an epic project to build the grandest ship to cross the oceans.  Built in the early 19th century, it was the crown jewel of shipbuilding.  It defined World Class – a combination of both fine accommodations and sophisticated technology.
A complex constellation of decisions led to the disaster on that fateful night of April 15, 1912, when the Titanic sunk.  No single technology or person was at fault.  Simply a combination of errors that our organizations could easily make today.

Students will learn how the Titanic was built, launched and cruised to its fate.  They’ll learn about the ship, her crew and the fateful maiden voyage.  Most importantly, they’ll learn about critical decisions the officers and crew members made along the way.  These are the same flawed decisions leaders and managers make into today’s organizations.  Students will meet in the same location where the Titanic was designed and built in the Belfast shipyards.  Students will walk across the street from the Belfast Titanic Hotel to the internationally acclaimed exhibit, Titanic Belfast (https://www.titanicbelfast.com).  

Academic Credit

2 credits - MGMT 44672 (Larsen Immersive Experience)

Course must be taken for a grade. Not offered as p/np.


This program is only offered to current LLA students in the Mitch E. Daniels School of Business.

This program will be capped at 15 LLA students.

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