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International Internship in India

Program Details

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Program Type Departmental
Program Location Bangalore, Hosur, India
Course # SA 59000
Duration Summer
Upcoming Program Dates
Summer 2024 05/06/24 to 05/24/24

Program Leader

Name Patrick Brunese
Email pbrunese@purdue.edu
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Program Description


Complete a three-week internship with mentors at the TVS Motor Corporation in Bangalore, India.  Each team will complete small projects about manufacturing, logistics, supplier management, market segmentation, process improvement, new product development and new market trends.  

Q: Who is sponsoring the program?

A: The Dauch Center for Management of Manufacturing Enterprise and the Global Supply Chain Management Initiative in cooperation with Purdue corporate Partner, TVS Motor Corporation. 

Q: Who can I contact about this program?

A: Patrick Brunese, pbrunese@purdue.edu

Q: When does it occur; how long will it last?


Q: What is the purpose of the program?

A: To expose students to cultural aspects as well as best practices in India,specifically at a manufacturing firm, the Deming award winning TVS Motor Co. Bangalore India. The program is designed to provide a mini internship experience for those seeking to learn how it feels to work within an Indian firm and immerse you in the local culture. This will assist you in developing a global business perspective while enhancing your resume profile. Take concepts learned in the classrom and apply them to real life business situations!

Q: What will I do on the program?

A: This is a working internship. The content of the program involves teams of 2-3 students working jointly with mentors from the corporate sponsor (TVS) to engage in various topic projects Student teams will work daily at the TVS campus or at off- site TVS locations on their specific projects, requiring participants to responsibly complete the project at hand to the best of their ability within the limited 3 week time period, while gaining exposure in the processes of manufacturing, logistics, supplier management, market segmentation, human resources etc. as outlined in the available project list.

Q: What will the weather be like during May?

A: Temperature will be in the range of 70F low to a high in the 100’s. It’s always a good idea to bring a light jacket, and with the heat – natural fiber clothing will allow for your greatest comfort at work and during travel.      

Q: How will I know if this is the right kind of program for me?

A: This is a tough question, but generally – if you are mostly interested in site seeing, learning the cultural aspects of a country, and/or just kicking back and relaxing in more of a vacation sort of experience – this is NOT the right program for you. Although there will be some limited time for all 3 items noted above, first and foremost – this program involves serious minded students who are looking to differentiate themselves by being able to refer to their meaningful experience in India. The consulting level project assignment and at an international location for an international firm, is at the heart of this experience. Those students who find uncertainty and lack of control related to international travel unnerving, and solving of uncharted or not clearly defined assignments difficult and annoying, will not enjoy this trip. This program is for the explorer, the aggressive and serious minded student and the entrepreneur at heart. This program is not intended for students from India wishing to find work in India. 

Q: Where will participants travel in India?

A: Bangalore India – India’s “Silicon Valley”, and surrounding areas including Husur.

  • Bangalore is fast emerging as one of the most industrialized cities in India, with a population somewhere between 10-15 MM.
  • The city of Bangalore also is a gateway to Southern India and has almost become the fastest growing city in Asia.
  • The bazaars and shopping malls of Bangalore offer a fine selection of silks, sandal wood souvenirs, handicrafts, etc.Communicating is very simple in this city where people can converse in English, Kannada and Hindi with equal ease.
  • Students should EXPECT slow internet speed wireless interruptions (both cell phone and PC) as an issue.  Rental/Purchase of an India Cell Phone is REQUIRED as part of this program! 

Q: How many days will I actually be working while on the program?

A: Assume you will be working 10-15 days +0/- 2 days. 

Q: How many free days will I have while on the program?

A: This is still being developed, but plan on 3 days - 0/+?. 

Q: I was planning on taking a US internship as well over the summer – can I do both?

A: We think you can! If you inform your prospective employer of the intent of your delayed start, we have been told that they are very receptive to you gaining this impressive international experience. Discuss this with your specific employer ahead of time (now), so no one has any surprises. In most instances, a start date in late May or early June is not a problem. You may want to speak to interns from prior years to see how they managed this issue.   

Q: Who is eligible to register?


Q: What items are paid for by TVS Motors?

  • Transportation to and from and airport all boarding/lodging(excluding your weekend excursions) 
  • weekday breakfast and lunch meals
  • a per diem for the evening meal
  • daily transportation to work via motor coach,
  • occasional – taxi transportation for your shopping/local exploring excursions in the evening. 

The accommodations are shared room (2 per room). Breakfast is provided at the accommodation location. A vegetarian lunch is provided for all students at the work campus (all veg. all the time) and these items are all directly paid for by our sponsor TVS Motors.A small stipend (~$20 USD/day) will be paid to each student, which adequately covers evening dinner expense (which can be eaten/paid for at the student house), or out at local restaurants, hotels, malls, etc. Please plan to have enough money to “cover you” for at least 5 days, until the stipend can be paid to you. 

Q: What kind of food/meals should I expect for breakfast/lunch?

A: Traditional continental/Indian cuisine: Breakfast at the student house dining hall can be considered a modest continental breakfast (Toast, Coffee/Tea, and eggs/omelet); south Indian vegetarian lunch at the factory lunch hall (Chapathi, plain Rice, veg. Curry, cheese sandwiches); break time tea is served twice a day, once in the morning and again in the afternoon. 

Q: What if I don’t like this kind of food/meals?

A: You may want to bring food that suits your tastes; granola bars, peanut butter, jerky, etc. There are NO alternate restaurants/meal provisions on the factory premise, and no meat is allowed on the factory grounds. A grocery is located close to the student house to purchase snacks, bread, and other food items should you need them to take/make a lunch. “American” or alternate non-veg cuisine is readily available for dinner across the city. 

Q: What type of accommodations should I expect?

A: Boarding will be in clean and professional dorm style apartment within Bangalore. Students will have to share a room with another same sex student. Last year, each room had its own bathroom, (i.e. 2 students to each room & 1 bathroom). You can request a separate room for an additional fee. 


Q: What if there are an odd number of male/female students? Will I have to share a room with someone of the opposite sex?

A: No; special accommodations will be made for any person without a roommate paring. 

Q: Do I need to prepare for the intern project ahead of time?

A: Students will have information on their projects and names of their project mentors ahead of time (February). Students are expected to adequately prepare for their project (independently or with assistance from faculty) by reading background material, communicate with the mentor and be exposed to business data before they leave for India, however this is not always available. The Center will help facilitate the initial contact between mentors and students, then students are expected to continue and maintain the contact up to time of the internship. 

Students project progress will be monitored, and those failing to prepare to minimum standards will no be allowed to travel with the program.

Q: Does the program earn any academic credit?

A: 3 credit hours 

Q: Do I have any deliverables?

A: A summary report including details of assigned project, a copy of the final presentation which is presented to TVS executives, and feedback on the program details. All is required upon return to qualify for credit. The course is graded pass/fail. 

Q: Will any staff or faculty be traveling with me?

A: Yes;  A faculty or staff member will be in Bangalore with you during the entire program should you need their assistance. A phone tree will be provided to you and should be passed onto your family or significant others in the event of any emergency while you are abroad. YOU are responsible for communicating your whereabouts to your family while abroad and to the Center/Faculty contact while in India during the internship. 

Q: Can I make travel arrangements without the use of a designated travel agent?

A: Yes, all students are responsible for arranging their own travel arrangements and EXPENSE within the confines of the program parameters. * If you are interested in traveling with the Center contact or other students, contacts can be provided and travel information shared.

Q:  What other expenses should I plan for?


Q:  What steps do I take if I am interested in the program?


Q:  What happens after this?

A:  Regrettably, NOT ALL STUDENTS WHO APPLY to the program are accepted; this has to do with the mix of qualified applicants as well as the project list and the needs of TVS Motors. 

Final accepted students will have one last chance to back out of the program without financial penalty up to the Deposit Due Date-   After the deposits are paid, there are NO REFUNDS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

Program Cost

Students pursuing program participation accept financial responsibility. Purdue will take measures to mitigate financial risks, although will not be liable for loss.

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