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Program Location Various, Multiple Countries
Sponsor AIESEC
Program Type Independent Study
Duration Summer
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Registration goes directly through AIESEC, not Purdue Study Abroad. This flyer is for promotional purposes only.


AIESEC is the world’s largest student-based organization spanning 110 countries and 1700 universities.

AIESEC believes individuals should look for opportunities to build their global network, expand their worldview, and gain leadership skills. We believe individuals should use their leadership skills and a global perspective to increase international understanding and cooperation. Our belief is that if large numbers of individuals were to act in this way, it could be a solution to a more secure and peaceful world.

In the United States, the forums for accomplishing our aims are our “local communities”. Across many States in America, “local communities” provide a diverse environment for individuals to learn about different cultures, develop new skills, and achieve personal goals through the unique opportunities we make available. Our local communities include individuals seeking cultural awareness, exchange participants on a traineeship assignment in the U.S., and student leaders who are working to further AIESEC’s mission. AIESEC alumni, sponsors, and partners also enrich the community through their support of the organization’s activities.

  • Apply for our high-quality international traineeship exchange program. An international traineeship will give you the chance to experience life in a different culture, gain relevant work experience, and build long-lasting relationships that span borders.
  • Seek experiences that enable you to lead with a global perspective in AIESEC’s diverse environment. This experience can help you to become aware of the effect of your actions, strive for common ground in your relationships with people from different countries, and begin to understand some of our cultural interdependencies.
  • Acquire practical, hands-on professional skills. You will have the opportunity to create business and personal relationships with top executives including developing and executing business strategies which involve marketing, finance, team management, and more.
  • Join a global network of people from over 100 countries. This network will open doors for you both socially and professionally.
  • Expand your worldview by interacting with people from all over the world and gaining new perspectives on global issues. By participating in AIESEC’s events and activities you will not only understand the richness of various cultures around the world, but you’ll also be able to experience them!

Being involved in AIESEC is a valuable learning experience whether you are a liberal arts, business or engineering major. AIESEC helps you develop the professional skills that will give you an edge in the global marketplace.

Build practical knowledge and useful skills.
AIESEC will offer you the possibility of connecting the theoretical knowledge of your classes to practical experiences. AIESEC will allow you to think - about yourself and your environment, about your country and other regions of the world. Working in AIESEC means developing attitudes - being responsible, entrepreneurial and a visionary. You will build sales skills, project management, time management and intra-personal skills.

Participating in running AIESEC’s exchange activities is tremendously rewarding. AIESEC members in the U.S work to bring international people into the country and send U.S students abroad.

Build your network.
You also have extensive travel opportunities, a chance to meet social, business and political leaders of the world and a chance to attend leadership, social responsibility and management seminars in over 100 countries.

Running a global exchange program means that you will be involved in practical cooperation: communicating with AIESEC members all around the world, networking and participating in international conferences, meeting with companies to sell our services and having fun. This is not only a chance to increase your language skills and awareness of traditions of different cultures, it is also an opportunity to build up your very own network of friends and contacts all around the world.

AIESEC believes individuals should look for opportunities to build their global network, expand their worldview, and gain leadership skills. We believe individuals should use their leadership skills and a global perspective to increase international understanding and cooperation. AIESEC believes that if large numbers of individuals were to act in this way, it could be a solution to a more secure and peaceful world.

By participating in AIESEC, members demonstrate that they also hold these beliefs.

Practically speaking, the AIESEC Exchange Program is designed to give individuals the opportunity to spend time on a internship in another country to gain a different perspective and to gain skills that will enable this participant to take this experience with them throughout their life. AIESEC offers internships from 2 months to 18 months in a wide variety of countries. Currently, the countries that we send the highest amount of participants to are: India, China, Turkey, Egypt, and Poland.

Types of internships Available through AIESEC 

We offer participants access to 4 broad types of internships: Management, Technical, Educational and Developmental.

Management internships are usually for upperclassmen and graduates in economics, management, international relations, business administration, or marketing. They are available with companies ranging from start-ups to large multinational corporations. Interns often do work in market evaluation and research, international marketing, and public relations.  Technical internships are gearted towards technical students and graduates in fields like engineering, computer science, informatics, and other similar areas. Interns generally work in technology corporations or do IT work in other companies.  Education internships are targeted towards students and recent graduates in linguistics, foreign languages, political science, and more. Interns often teach conversational and written English in language schools, social institutions, nonprofits, or companies. They develop team management skills, public speaking experience, and foreign language ability.  Development internships are for students and graduates in all fields of study, and they generally involve doing volunteer work with AIESEC and related nonprofit organizations. Volunteers are typically provided with accommodation by the local AIESEC chapter, and work often involves community development projects such as raising awareness of social issues such as HIV or green energy.

Please contact Shazana Nadeem, for more information.

For more program information, please visit the program website, The program is sponsored by: AIESEC

For more program information, please visit the program website. This program is sponsored by:AIESEC.


The program is open to Purdue students who have completed at least two semesters of university study by the start of the program. Successful candidates will demonstrate academic success, maturity and a desire to experience another culture.

GPA Requirement: Good Academic Standing on a 4.0 scale
Language Requirement: none

Purdue Credit
Students interested in earning credit should contact their academic department about the requirements for obtaining credit for this program.

Estimated Program Costs

Students should carefully note what costs need to be paid to Purdue University or to a co-sponsor or agency, and what costs need to be paid at the overseas study location.  This will vary by program.

Financial Aid

Purdue University financial aid may be applied to the costs of studying abroad. Students interested in receiving financial aid should

NOTE:  Recipients of certain tuition remission and scholarship programs should pay careful attention to the regulations for using those benefits for study abroad.  Ask your financial aid advisor about any limitations.

Click here for a list of scholarships and grants available to assist with the costs of studying overseas.

Application Deadlines

For full consideration, students must submit all supporting documents by the application deadline.  Popular programs fill quickly, often before the deadline.  To insure a place in a program, apply early.

As soon as a student submits an on-line application, a My Study Abroad account is created. Applicants should consult this page often to check on the status of the application.

*Please note that AIESEC admissions are rolling. These dates are guidelines, they are not deadlines. It is still possible to apply after the date. Admittance is dependent on availability. Contact for further information.
Program Application Deadline
Most Summer Programs Mar 1

Returnees Information

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