Safety and Security: Archive

Here you will find past safety and security articles and letters.

Letters from the Director

May 1, 2003 SARS memo from the Provost
April 2, 2003 SARS Letter to Students Abroad in Asia
March 28, 2003 Letter to Summer 2003 Students from the Director
March 20, 2003 Letter to Students Abroad from the Director
November 18, 2015 Communication about study abroad in France (and recent attacks in Paris)
November 24, 2015 Communication to Purdue - WL Study Abroad Students
March 23, 2016 Communication to Purdue - WL Summer 2016 Study Abroad Students
February 1, 2017 Communication to Purdue-WL Study Abroad Students 

December 6, 2017 Communication to Purdue-WL Study Abroad Students


Links for Students

Program Withdrawal Due to Emergencies