Peer Advisors

Who better to ask about studying abroad than a fellow student who's been there, done that?  Visit the Study Abroad Office in Young Hall, room 105 to meet our Peer Advisors.  Call 494-2383 for their specific work hours.

Name: Sara Poradish
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Program: Global Leadership in Peru for Freshmen, Summer in Stuttgart, GEARE Karlsruhe
Location: Various cities in Peru; Stuttgart, Germany; Karlsruhe, Germany

Why do you recommend study abroad to Purdue students??
Studying abroad is a great way for students to learn about the world, learn about themselves, and have a great time doing it. After studying abroad, I became much more confident, much more empathetic, and a lot more understanding of the world around me. Study abroad is a great way for all Purdue students, regardless of major, to have a lasting and meaningful international experience.

How would you summarize your study abroad experience in a few sentences??
I am so glad I decided to study abroad. I made friends from all over the world, traveled to some of the coolest places on earth, and I got class credit to have the time of my life.
Name: Randee Newsom
Major: Environmental and Ecological Engineering
Program: Global Leadership in Costa Rica for Freshman, Experiencing German Engineering, CIEE Prague-Central European Studies
Location: Costa Rica, Germany, Czech Republic

How would you describe your study abroad experience?? Why do you recommend study abroad to Purdue Students?? ?
My study abroad experience was challenging, fun, and enlightening.

Why do you recommend study abroad to Purdue Students???
Study abroad has helped me build a better foundation for myself and a broader understanding of the world.
Name: Zoya Hsiao
Major: Management; Concentration: International Business
Program: Seoul International Internship Program, IES Paris Business & International Business
Location: South Korea, France

How has your study abroad experience affected you??
My study abroad experiences have impacted my global perspective in numerous ways. I got to learn and experience contrasting cultures, as well as learn about the foundations of each nation that influence their societies today which really influenced my philosophy and outlook on our world today. Even though i'm a naturally outgoing person, my study abroad experiences still pushed me to step out of the box and be proactive in trying new things. My study abroad experiences were not only great learning experiences for me professionally, they were also the perfect challenge for my personal development as well!

And How would you describe your study abroad experience??
My study abroad experiences were very different. I interned in Seoul one summer, which allowed me to establish myself within Korea's working culture and get a firmer grasp on what its like to work within a conglomerate. When I wasn't working, I was having the time of my life-strolling the streets of Hongdae as I listened to street performers, food stall hopping in the massive shopping district of Myeongdong, or admiring the modern architectural feats in Dongdaemun. In contrast, my semester in Paris consisted of me commuting on the (usually delayed) metro to class, grabbing the best falafel of my life for lunch in the Marais, and just wandering hidden avenues through the different arrondissements of Paris. Because I had a longer time to enjoy myself there, I got to live as a local (bonded a lot with my host grandma), enjoy world-famous architecture, and make life-long friendships with both local students and students from around the world.