Study Abroad Liaisons

This is a list of faculty or advisors who can help you determine the Purdue equivalents to your study abroad courses. Before meeting with them, you should be aware of your outstanding degree requirements at Purdue and have an idea of which courses you would like to take while abroad. Be sure to take copies of the course descriptions for the courses that interest you to the liaisons.

Frequently, the liaisons will require more detailed course information than what is available in the study abroad program's catalog. In this event, the Study Abroad Office will try to obtain a course syllabus for you.

Be sure to visit our page on Getting Academic Credit for more detail on this important process.

Liaisons for Outgoing Study Abroad Students
Liaisons are ordered by college/school and then department or country.

College of Agriculture
Agriculture and Biological Engineering (ABE)
Nathan Engelberth
Phone: 494-3060
School of Agriculture - Administration
Timothy Kerr
AGAD 121
Phone: 494-8481
College of Education
International Programs
Jane Ann Dimitt
BRNG 3216C
Phone: 494-0587
College of Engineering
Aeronautical & Astronautical Engineering (AAE)
Sarah Allard
ARMS 3313
Phone: 494-5137
Biomedical Engineering (BME)
Corey Linkel
MJIS 1021C
Phone: 494-7871
Chemical Engineering (CHE)
Caryn Morgan
Phone: 496-6106
Civil Engineering (CE)
Marta Lah
CIVL 1141
Phone: 496-2379
Construction Engineering and Management (CEM)
Brandon Fulk
HAMP 1259A
Phone: 494-2242
Fax: 494-0644
Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE)
Cynthia Quillen
EE 136
Phone: 494-3390
Environmental & Ecological Engineering (EEE)
Tammi Thayer
POTR 322
Phone: 496-7238
Industrial Engineering (IE)
Patrick Brunese
GRIS 230
Phone: 494-9611
Interdisciplinary Engineering Education Studies (IDES)
Christine Pekny
ARMS 1337A
Phone: 494-7422
Materials Engineering (MSE)
Vicki Cline
ARMS 2315
Phone: 494-4103
Fax: 494-1204
Mechanical Engineering (ME)
Holly Englert
ME 2008
Phone: 496-7485
Nuclear Engineering (NUCL)
Nancy Vestal
Phone: 494-5749
College of Health and Human Sciences
Consumer Sciences
Sally Harmon
MTHW 315
Phone: 494-8306
Consumer Sciences
Bobbe Molter
MTHW 223
Phone: 494-8317
Fax: 494-0869
Health & Kinesiology
Nancy Kester
Phone: 494-8533
Health Sciences
Sonina Hernández Mikkelsen
HAMP 1163E
Phone: 496-5544
Hospitality & Tourism Management
Jaclyn Palm
MRRT 128
Phone: 494-6217
Fax: 494-0327
Human Development & Family Studies
Jennifer Rosselot Wilkins
Phone: 494-8533
Laura Curry
Phone: 494-4043
Nutrition Science
Randa Hodges
Phone: 494-6566
Psychological Sciences
Janet Proctor
MTHW 126
Phone: 494-8533
Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences
Michelle Mullen
BRNG 1114
Phone: 494-3670
College of Liberal Arts
College of Liberal Arts
Elizabeth Diaz
BRNG 1166
Phone: 496-1707
College of Liberal Arts
Elizabeth Anderson
BRNG 1157
Phone: 496-1707
College of Pharmacy
Storie Pedley
RHPH 156
Phone: 496-3314
College of Science
Biological Sciences (BIOL)
Chris Sahley
DLR 204C
Phone: 494-9407
Chemistry (CHM)
Beatriz Cisneros
Phone: 494-5310
Chemistry (CHM)
Adam Wasserman
Phone: 494-2348
Computer Sciences (CS)
Nicole Towner
LWSN 1123
Phone: 496-7532
Earth, Atmospheric & Planetary Sciences (EAPS)
James Ogg
CIVL 2273
Phone: 494-8681
Mathematics (MA)
James McClure
MATH 836
Phone: 494-1909
Physics (PHYS)
Janice Thomaz
PHYS 146
Phone: 494-3099
Statistics (STAT)
Thomas Sellke
MATH 532
Phone: 494-6034
Krannert School of Management
Management & Economics
Maria Gabriele
KRAN 354
Phone: 494-9535
Fax: 496-0862
The Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Rita Baker
Phone: 496-7912
Polytechnic Institute
Aviation and Transportation Technology
Allen Reigel
NISW 192 B
Phone: 496-6164
Computer and Information Technology
Angie Murphy
KNOY 249
Phone: 496-6003
Fax: 496-1212
Computer Graphics Technology
Thomas R Oneal
KNOY 353
Phone: 494-8206
Fax: 494-9267
Construction Management Technology
Danielle Gilbert
KNOY 417
Phone: 494-2458
Engineering Technology (EET & ECET)
Lindsay Haugland
KNOY 111
Phone: 494-9039
Engineering Technology (MET & MFET)
Tami Lynch
KNOY 117
Phone: 494-8590
Technology Leadership & Innovation
Jennifer White
YONG 300
Phone: 494-0452